Cooperation With Professionals Committee

The CPC Committee works with various private and public professionals who are likely to encounter alcoholics needing a solution to alcoholism.  Examples include:  employees of government agencies, clergy, private employers, law enforcement professionals, medical and social workers, and others.

The goal is to present AA as a viable, long-term solution to alcoholism and facilitate referrals to AA.

Current Projects/Work:

  • AA Open Speaker Meetings & Presentations to Pastors, Employers, MCV Nursing Students and other Professionals

Public Information Committee

The goal of the Public Information Committee is to educate the general public about the disease of alcoholism and AA's role as a viable, lifelong solution to alcoholism.  Examples of P.I. projects include signs and billboards, published articles, our web site, and other electronic media,  educational forums in schools, and informational pamphlet distribution to various facilities and organizations.

Current Projects/Work:

  • AA Pamphlet Distribution
  • Into ACTION! Website
  • Radio Shows
  • Television Shows

Treatment Committee

The Treatment Committee carries AA information and meetings into in-house treatment facilities, detox centers, and IOP's (Intensive Outpatient Programs).  The goal is to introduce patients to AA and facilitate entry into AA upon completion of treatment in order that the alcoholic will have a lifelong solution for his/her alcoholism.

Current Projects/Work:

  • Tuckers Hospital Meetings
  • IOP Presentations
  • VCU/MCV Hospital Patient Visitations

Correctional Facilities Committe

The Correctional Facilities Committee carries AA information and meetings behind the walls to those incarcerated in prisons and jails.  The goal is for alcoholics to find freedom from the bondage of alcoholism even while incarcerated and to facilitate their entry into AA upon release.  

Current Projects/Work: 

  • Powhatan Prison Meeting

Newcomers Committee

The goal of the Newcomers Committee is to identify and breakdown barriers that hinder a newcomer's success in AA and to make AA warm and inviting.  

We hold an open newcomers meeting every Tuesday night.

Current Projects/Work:

  • 12-Step Workshops
  • Introduction to Service Work
  • Greet Newcomers

CPC/PI Workshop Coming Up Soon!

Learn how AA can work together with mental health, 

healthcare, law enforcement, and religious communities.  


Corrections Correspondence Service Opportunity


Service Schedule

PLEASE NOTE:  This calendar is for scheduled service commitments.  Some of these activities require completion of a facility clearance process prior to participation.  If you are interested in any of these activities, please contact us!

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